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Our Portfolio


Leaf Technologies is a startup by IIT Bombay graduates. The product – Air, is an IOT Smart Home solution provides a platform to help customers save time, energy and improve the security of their homes. They are building a consumer electronic product which transforms the way the various devices in the home respond to the users. Product Air, understands the way the customers use their appliances finds wastage and provides insights to save money on electricity bills. Apart from that the users get the freedom to control all their appliances using smartphone.


Founded by IIT alumni Aravind Sanka, Rishikesh SR and Pavan Guntupalli in November 2015, Rapido offers a mobile app platform to book bike rides for travelling solo. The company has a fleet of over 400 bikes across Bangalore, Gurgaon and Delhi and they have plan to launch operations across all the major cities in India.


Founded in 2015 by Aman Singhal, Ravindra A and Vishwanath Kollapudi, DrivoJoy, aims to transform the antiquated 2-wheeler servicing and repair industry by bringing mechanics at the users’ doorstep. Drivojoy aims to transform the way 2-wheelers get serviced by radically connecting customers and mechanics directly. They also have plans to venture into other automotive verticals and to become the 1-stop after-sales solution for both individuals and businesses in future.


Nuviz is set out to revolutionize the riding experience by bringing our unique Head-Up Display and Connected Driving expertise to the global motorcycle industry.

VVDN Technologies

VVDN is a technology innovation company providing broad Spectrum of embedded design services and ODM capabilities of Networking, Wireless, IOT, Consumer IOT, Smart Homes and Cameras.
VVDN was established in the year 2007 and is truly a global company with headquarters and manufacturing setup in Gurgaon, Design Centers located in Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Offices across the globe.

ION Energy

Founded by a team of PhDs with over four decades of experience in advanced electronics and battery systems, ION is building deep technology to optimise battery performance and life-extension for the new era of electric vehicles, energy storage, and connected devices.
ION’s mission is to accelerate the Shift to All Electric Planet by building cutting edge energy storage products and services.
They have developed a Patented High Quality Lithium IoN Battery (Udyr), proprietary and chemistry agnostic high performance battery management systems and RIFT which is a platform for suite of software applications for advanced battery analytics, warranty tracking, and vehicle location and many other advanced analytics features.


KeraCel is bringing to market the ‘holy grail’ of battery breakthroughs – A solid state battery. The principals are veterans of batteries, materials and semiconductors. KeraCel is the inventor of a revolutionary new solid state battery that has double the energy, and half the cost for equivalent energy, of today’s best lithium ion batteries. It also cannot explode or catch fire, and can be built in any shape or size.


Agylstor has developed a ruggedized computational storage systems specifically designed for some of the world’s harshest environments — where storage density, high-performance compute and portability are paramount. Agylstor’s high-performance computing platform includes software and in-system hardware acceleration for compression, parity RAID, encryption and other services, The company’s technology provides secure data storage and transfer for video and film production, geoscience, infrastructure mapping, and aerospace applications, including more capable piloted and autonomous systems.